Brown Girls Doc Mafia featured QWOCMAP founding Executive/Artistic Director Madeleine Lim in an article by Sonya Childress about the champions, cheerleaders, and visionaries who work behind the scenes to blaze new pathways for documentary filmmaking.

“Five Unsung Heroes of Documentary Filmmaking”
Published March 28, 2023

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“For 23 years, QWOCMAP has nurtured filmmaker-activists who use the power of art as cultural resistance, resilience, reclamation and renewal. As a young lesbian artist-activist living in Singapore, Madeleine Lim needed a place like QWOCMAP. Persecuted for her activism, Madeleine fled home and landed in the Bay Area, quickly making a name for herself as an unapologetic and bold filmmaker. Now, QWOCMAP provides a safe haven for the next generation of filmmakers like Madeleine — women who want to make their communities visible and vocal using the most powerful art form in the world.”

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