Outlook Video published a special edition video interview with QWOCMAP founding Executive/Artistic Director Madeleine Lim.

Watch the interview, in which Mad shared QWOCMAP’s origin story, news about her new documentary JEWELLE: A Just Vision, and details about the upcoming 19th annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival, including back-to-back screenings of two feature films by and about disabled people of color, and a panel about disability justice in film.

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2023 QWOCMAP News Graphics 1100x300 - 2023 QWOCMAP News - BGDM Article featuring Madeleine LimIn white with orange quotation marks, Art is tied to our culture and as such, art is political. Art is resistance, resilience, and renewal. Bottom right, in black on an orange rectangle, CJJC. Bottom left, the QWOCMAP 23rd anniversary logo. In white, Arts, Culture, And Bearing Witness To Our Varied But Interconnected Stories. Underneath in orange, Written by Anna Dubón.