GLAAD published an article about JEWELLE: A Just Vision, a new documentary by Madeleine Lim. The documentary premiered at our 18th annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival, and continues to screen at film festivals around the world.

“Jewelle On The Big Screen: “You Have to Imagine A Better World to Get to A Better World” A new documentary profiles the poet, playwright, activist and icon who co-founded GLAAD”
Published June 10, 2022

Read the article:

“’There are not very many documentaries about queer women of color, anything at all, despite the fact that queer women of color have been at the frontlines of community organizing and activism for decades and decades,’ Lim told me in a joint Zoom conversation with Gomez. Lim is also one of the film’s directors of photography and the founding executive director of the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP).

‘You have to imagine a better world to get to a better world,’ says Gomez in the film, ‘which is why I love writing.’”

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On a navy background, white text reads SFFILM Searching for Truth: Authorship in Documentary Cinema. To the left is a headshot of an Asian person with light brown skin, short black and gray hair, and brown eyes, wearing a bright blue collared shirt and one earring. On the photo, the QWOCMAP logo is in the top right corner and the caption, which is white text on a gray transparent background, reads With Founding Executive Director Madeleine Lim.In black with orange quotation marks, QWOCMAP provides a safe haven for the next generation of filmmakers...who want to make their communities visible and vocal using the most powerful art form in the world. Bottom right, in white on an orange rectangle, BGDM. Bottom left, the QWOCMAP 23rd anniversary logo. In black, Five Unsung Heroes of Documentary Filmmaking. Underneath in orange, Written by Sonya Childress.