In September, Cook County’s 3rd annual Racial Equity Week screened 12 QWOCMAP Films in two screenings which showcased the lived experience of communities important to the history and activism of Chicago.

Ain’t I A Woman?
“Ain’t I A Woman?” explored the lives of queer and trans Black, African, Afro-Latinx, Black Native American, and disabled Black filmmakers. Just like the Dream Keeper Initiative , we want to expand understanding of our lives as LBTQ+ Black people. We are Black AND.

My Life, Interrupted by Alana Devich Cyril
Free in Song by Tiye Yayu Square LeVias
Ain’t I A Woman by T. Kebo Drew
Her Journey by Charlene Dancing Fox & Perla Guevara-Otwell
De Colores, Our Lives by Edgardo Cervano-Soto Jr, Jovanka Beckles, & Nicole Valentino
Non-Resident Alien by Cruzito

My Beautiful Resistance
“My Beautiful Resistance” explored queer and trans Native American, Asian, and non-Black Latinx stories. As QWOCMAP Founder Madeleine Lim often says, “If there are dozens of films about our community, non one can stereotype us. People can’t pretend we only fit in one narrow category.”

The Indian is Still Alive by Susana Cáceres
My Beautiful Resistance by Penny Baldado
La Entrevista by Bersath Verdugo Dominguez
Sweetmess by Marbella Noble and Mel Octaviano
Family Blessings by QWOCMAP Productions
Mariposa by Candy Guinea

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