In November 2021, Madeleine Lim spoke on PrideFull’s panel Celebrating the QTPOC Stories and Filmaking. During the panel, Mad discussed her 25+ years of experience as a filmmaker, producer, director, cinematographer, and editor. As Mad says, “[QTPOC storytelling] is an expansion, not a limitation…I think there is a great need for more of our stories. We need to make up for all the years that there was none [of QTPOC films].”

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On a blue background, white text reads Virtual Screenings with QWOCMAP. To the left, is a flyer for Racial Equity Week. On a blue background, yellow, green, and orange text reads Imagine. Intersect. Act. At the bottom right is the logo for Racial Equity Week. White text reads September 13-17, 2021.On a navy background, white text reads SFFILM Searching for Truth: Authorship in Documentary Cinema. To the left is a headshot of an Asian person with light brown skin, short black and gray hair, and brown eyes, wearing a bright blue collared shirt and one earring. On the photo, the QWOCMAP logo is in the top right corner and the caption, which is white text on a gray transparent background, reads With Founding Executive Director Madeleine Lim.