We’re thrilled to announce that QWOCMAP is a part of San Francisco’s Dream Keeper Initiative! The Human Rights Commission has chosen QWOCMAP as part of their inaugural cohort for this historic investment in Black communities.

Through the QWOCMAP Donor Community and the Dream Keeper Initiative, we’ll launch the new Critical Juncture project, which will initially focus on Black/African descent filmmakers. We’ll provide resources and support to emerging and early career filmmakers through film commissions, as well as production and post-production packages that include cameras, laptops, software, and internet access. QWOCMAP will also provide mentorship and advanced training to nurture artist-activist Black filmmakers and keep us in the field.

QWOCMAP’s goal is to shift narratives about Black communities by supporting transgender Black people, cis Black lesbians, cisqueer Black women, non binary Black people, and gender nonconforming Black people, Sick & Disabled, im/migrants, youth, elders, Black & Native, Black/AfroLatinx people. We want to create new narratives about who Black people are in all of our brilliance, joy, humor, creativity, and prescient leadership.

We are extremely grateful for this investment in Black filmmakers! Both the applications and awards for QWOCMAP’s first Filmmaker Grant earlier this year showed us that LBTQIA+ Black people have stories that need to be told, seen, and heard. After the first 2 years, QWOCMAP will expand Critical Juncture to serve more facets of our collective community.

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