Causa Justa :: Just Cause published an article about QWOCMAP and our 19th annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival in their Just Causes Newspaper, Spring-Summer 2023 edition.

“Arts, Culture And Bearing Witness To Our Varied But Interconnected Stories”
Published May 30, 2023

Read the article:

“At QWOCMAP, art is not mere entertainment, nor to be hung in the galleries for the ruling class to buy and sell, but rather it is an intimate part of who we are as a people. Art is tied to our culture and as such, art is political. ‘Art is resistance, resilience, and renewal,’ says Madeleine.

Art is a language we all understand and has the power to carry stories and ideas across communities. We see both ourselves and each other in art, bearing witness to our varied but interconnected stories.

Perhaps most importantly, art is imaginative—artists experiment with the boundless possibilities that lay in our future. Art is the medium through which we manifest a vision of the world that we want to live in—a world that is different from our own.”

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A white graphic bordered with orange. Top left, the black QWOCMAP logo with an orange Q and an O that looks like a camera lens. Next to it in black, Critical Juncture. Underneath in black, Awarded to 21 LBTQIA+ Black filmmakers making films in San Francisco. Below in large orange lettering, Congratulations!2023 QWOCMAP News - QWOCFF 23 - Who Am I To Stop It May 31