In April 2021, Madeleine Lim juried for the Best in Show Narrative Feature award at the 37th annual Wicked Queer Film Festival. The award was given to BEYTO, directed by Gitta Gsell. There were so many great submissions, and we hope that QWOCMAP will get to screen their films at our International Queer Women of Color Film Festival!

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On a turquoise background, white text reads The State of Independent Queer Cinema. To the left, on a black background, is the ClexaCon Virtual logo and the QWOCMAP logo. On the right is a headshot of an Asian person with light brown skin, short black and gray hair, and brown eyes, wearing a bright blue collared shirt and one earring. On the photo, the caption, which is white text on a gray transparent background, reads With Founding Executive Director Madeleine Lim.On a white background surrounded by a thin orange border, black text in orange quotation marks reads, “There is a history of inequity in arts funding, where communities of color are not trusted with the funds to do the work we know how to do really well.” Below, white text in an orange box reads SF Chronicle. In the bottom left corner is the QWOCMAP 20th anniversary logo, and black and orange text that reads Conflict over S.F. and YBCA’s guaranteed income for artists shows tension in movement for racial equity, written by Lily Janiak.