The San Francisco Examiner published an article about QWOCMAP.

“Queer, trans women still seeking representation in media” by Kate Selig
Published February 15, 2021

Read the article:

“Madeleine Lim launched the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project in 2000 to address the lack of queer women of color among filmmakers. Now, as the project enters its 21st year, Lim says the industry still has a long way to go to create films that are representative.”

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On a dark navy background, white and red text reads Beyond Inclusion Panel with Firelight Media at DOC NYC. On the right is a headshot of an Asian person with light brown skin, short black and gray hair, and brown eyes, wearing a bright blue collared shirt and one earring. On the photo, the QWOCMAP logo is in the top right corner and the caption, which is white text on a gray transparent background, reads With Founding Executive Director Madeleine Lim.On a black background, white text in orange quotation marks reads, “This year the Queer Women of Color Film Festival is coming back stronger than ever…” Below, black text in an orange box reads KQED. In the bottom left corner is the QWOCMAP 20th anniversary logo, and white and orange text that reads For LGBTQ+ Pride Parties and Events, 2021 is a Year of Transition, written by Veronica Esposito.