As bustling and busy as ever, in September Madeleine Lim juried Sydney’s Queer Screen Pitch Off 2020 with Bryan Glick and Joe Bilancio. Filmmakers from Australia competed for the chance to win $10,000 towards the production of their short film. There were so many great finalists, we hope that we get to screen their films at QWOCMAP’s International Queer Women of Color Film Festival!

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On a turquoise background, white text reads The Freshman Fundraisers. On the right is a headshot of an Black woman of African and Choctaw descent, with dark brown skin, shoulder-length black hair, and brown eyes, wearing a white collared shirt, black blazer, and pearl earrings. On the photo, the QWOCMAP logo is in the top left corner and the caption, which is white text on a gray transparent background, reads With Managing Director T. Kebo Drew, CFRE.Two Asian women gaze lovingly at each other as they lie in bed, lit with warm yellow and purple lights. At the top, black text reads Sambal Belacan in San Francisco, A Film By Madeleine Lim. On the left is the Singapore International Film Festival logo. In the lower right corner is the QWOCMAP logo.