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Bring QWOCMAP to you!

A visit includes 1 to 3, or more of the following components:

$750 – $1,500

Our signature presentation that weaves films with history to illustrate the ways in which art has always been a source of cultural resistance, cultural resilience, and cultural renewal for our communities — especially in the Americas and particularly for LGBTQ people of color. This program effectively highlights the ways in which art has often been the only medium that marginalized communities have had to declare our humanity. As we examine historical and current events, we see that queer and transgender artists of color are always on the cutting edge of social justice movements as the key to our collective liberation.

This presentation offers focused discussions centered on a political education curriculum or university course syllabus, and can be customized for any subject area, from displacement and human migration to women’s gender, and sexuality studies to sociology and ethnic studies, from employment issues for transgender people to health disparities.

The goal is to expose underlying roots of oppression and illuminate the seeds of powerful solutions in ways that galvanize knowledge production.

(approx 60 to 120 mins)

$350 – $750

We work with you to program a customized selection of QWOCMAP Films based on your program or event needs.

With a catalog of 452 films by, for, and about, queer women of color who are cisgender and transgender, and nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and transgender people of color of any orientation, we offer curatorial services unique to QWOCMAP. We can screen a range of Spanish-language, health issue, family, films, and more, suitable for any campaign from universal healthcare to housing as a human right, and any department from Anthropology to Film.

This program is often followed with our “Reels of Resistance” presentation (which can be offered the same day, or week of the film screening program).

(approx 60 to 90 mins)

$750 – $1,500 sliding scale

In this workshop, we explore how you can put your politics and values into intentional, ethical practices. This interactive training provides practical skills to ensure events are safe, welcoming, and inclusive — especially for survivors of violence and trauma. View QWOCMAP’s Community & Solidarity Statements, and learn how our Values & Practices guide puts it into action.


(approx 60 to 120 minutes)

$750 – $1,500 sliding scale

Film and media studies students learn by watching films.

This presentation develops aesthetic sensibility along with an understanding of the social justice implications of creative decisions. It illustrates how two-dimensional stereotypes are critical issues in “artistry that will affect the quality of work” that filmmakers produce. It builds cultural humility in film/media studies analysis, which accelerates skills development and artistic growth. It also examines the politics of representation in mainstream and pop culture.

(approx 60 to 120 minutes)

$750 – $1,200 sliding scale

This presentation includes a screening of a QWOCMAP Film and a classroom discussion with a QWOCMAP Filmmaker about their creative process and activism.

(approx 60 minutes)

Please request a quote.

This intensive 4-day filmmaking workshop is the key to QWOCMAP’s award-winning Filmmaker Training Program. Participants complete a 5-minute film as individuals or co-directing pairs. They leave the workshop with key technical skills and practical artistic knowledge and a new film. This can be combined with a curated film screening program to highlight course or program themes.

$500 – $1,000

An intimate space for Students, Staff, and/or Faculty to break bread and engage in a facilitated discussion on a range of topics, such as:

  1. The film industry — diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice
  2. Queer people of color cinema
  3. Feminist art making and intersectional social justice through art
  4. #OscarsSoWhite and what to do about it and more!
  5. Applying theory and practice to create safe spaces
  6. What weaponized data means for marginalized communities
  7. and more!

Bring QWOCMAP to You sliding scale fees sustain our free artistic programs for queer women of color (cisgender & transgender), and nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and transgender people of color (of any orientation) within marginalized communities.

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