Working with you and your team on the filming for Family Builders, truly [was] memorable.  You’ve made it memorable just by providing the space to be safe to speak of my experience with the adoption of my daughter. Honestly, I was so nervous getting filmed and speaking about my story… but you and your team made me feel that my story is important to share so others can have the same awesome experience.  Please know that you.. were very professional and pleasant; after the filming it was like I was a BFF.  So thank you for making my experience a memorable time.  I will keep you all in my heart and prayers. —Interviewee

QWOCMAP: Film & Freedom Academy - San Francisco


QWOCMAP Productions offers advanced training and skill building for QWOCMAP Participants after they have created a film through our Filmmaker Training Program. They are commissioned for short films, PSAs and other projects and learn to work with clients such as funders, nonprofit organizations, meet deadlines and complete deliverables. It builds their professional skills and filmmaker portfolios to further their careers in film.


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