Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

These working agreements have been collectively developed by QWOCMAP volunteers, participants, and Community Partners to guide our work together. Everyone that is working with QWOCMAP can add to and revise these agreements.

Have fun

Art & social justice activism need love and joy.

Community building needs compassion and a sense of humor. Great work makes you amazing, badass, chingonx, and sexy.

We’re doing powerful work!


Be responsible and accountable

Be proactive!

Arrive on time.

Call IF you will be late, BEFORE you are already late.

Let everyone know if you cannot make it to a meeting/shift. If you need to miss a meeting/shift, call to check in.

If you have already missed a meeting/shift, call to check in. Speak up about your own needs.

If you have a good idea:

Take the lead and follow through to make it happen. Communicate with all interested parties BEFORE taking action.

Be patient and understanding, especially when initiating new projects.

Be aware that if you drop the ball, someone else has to pick it up.


Honor deadlines

Follow through and do it!

If you can’t, let people know and help find someone who can. Ask for support when you need it.


Communicate clearly

Distinguish between the intent and impact of your words.

Distinguish between your curiosity and another person’s comfort.

Use collaborative non-violent communication that is non-blaming and non- defensive.

Use “I” statements, e.g. “I felt            when I heard               ” to address universal human needs.

“I feel vulnerable” NOT “I feel that you…” or “I’m sorry that you…”

Make productive and constructive comments. Ideas and responses are important.

Be respectful and inclusive in your language and actions.


Constructive criticism & comments

Trust the process and the team.

When offering a critique, also present a solution. Be upfront and communicate directly.

Complaint cliques destroy trust & hurt the morale of the whole team. Negative gossip hurts QWOCMAP and our community.

We value your intuition, experience, and voice, and we encourage feedback that will help QWOCMAP grow and thrive.


One Mic

One person speaks at a time. Be brief so everyone can speak.

Be conscious about taking up space.

Be aware of how much or how little you speak.



Clear the air to address hurt and anger.

Oppression exists in all spaces, so be mindful of power-privilege dynamics.

Check-in with yourself and others about group and individual dynamics.

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