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QWOCMAP has inspired me to reach for my greatest dreams and the tools to make them come true.

Since 2000, we’ve been on a journey to transform what we see in film by developing leaders in the art of filmmaking and empowering social justice movements. We continue to be inspired by the generosity of people like you, who contribute time and talent to support our critical work.

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About Us

QWOCMAP uses film to shatter stereotypes and bias, reveal the lived truth of inequality, address the vital, intersecting issues that concern multiple populations, and build understanding and community around art and social justice. QWOCMAP creates, exhibits, and distributes high-impact films that authentically reflect the lives of queer women of color (cisgender & transgender), and gender non-binary/nonconforming/variant and transgender people of color (of any orientation), and address the vital, intersecting social justice issues that concern our multiple communities. QWOCMAP’s vision nurtures filmmakers as artist-activist leaders for social change.


Outlook Video Interview with Madeleine Lim

Outlook Video published a special edition video interview with QWOCMAP founding Executive/Artistic Director Madeleine Lim. Watch the interview, in which Mad shared QWOCMAP’s origin story, news about her new documentary […]

Jewelle On The Big Screen

GLAAD published an article about JEWELLE: A Just Vision, a new documentary by Madeleine Lim. The documentary premiered at our 18th annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival, and […]

PrideFull Panel with Madeleine Lim

In November 2021, Madeleine Lim spoke on PrideFull’s panel Celebrating the QTPOC Stories and Filmaking. During the panel, Mad discussed her 25+ years of experience as a filmmaker, producer, director, […]

QWOCMAP Films at Racial Equity Week

In September, Cook County’s 3rd annual Racial Equity Week screened 12 QWOCMAP Films in two screenings which showcased the lived experience of communities important to the history and activism of Chicago. Ain’t […]

Thank You to Board Member Alisha Diego Klatt

Thank you to Board Member Alisha Diego Klatt, who just ended 3 years of Board service on August 31st! We want to honor all of Alisha’s achievements since she first […]

QWOCMAP Films at Transgender District Screenings

The Transgender District launched their 3-part screening series in mid-August. Their work is near and dear to our hearts, so QWOCMAP was excited to collaborate with this Beloved Community Partner. We were also […]

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