Two weeks ago, 42 contributors scampered, skipped, frolicked, and frisked for QWOCMAP on Give Out Day, April 18, 2019!

QWOCMAP accepts any and all contributions because it is you that builds community, safety, and visions for a new world.  Thanks to these amazing contributed, QWOCMAP met and exceeded our 2019 Give Out day goal of $2,500, which was matched by offline contributions.

Your contributions will propel QWOCMAP toward:

• fabulous Femme(cis, NB, and trans)-centered flock formations and disability-justice inclusive pods (like dolphins, fam) for the safety of our communities!

QWOCMAP and our Beloved partner organizations, APIQWTC and Peacock Rebellion, along with RoadMap Consulting and Vision Change Win, will host a Community Safety workshop.

The goal is to create a cohort of queer women of color (cisgender & transgender), gender nonbinary, and transgender people of color trained in safety practices with the skills to create security teams for any event, from QWOCMAP’s 15thanniversary Queer Women of Color Film Festival and our upcoming SafeSpace/NoPlace: LBTQ People of Color project in 2020, to performances, demos, and large expressions of joy and magic! We need safety that includes gender and disability, and that is outside of criminalization and law enforcement response to our communities.

• a parliament of filmmakers, a shrewdness of artist-activists, a parade of visionaries for social justice!

Your contribution make it possible for QWOCMAP to offer our Filmmaker Training Program FREE of charge. Film allows us to envision a world that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all of us. Film shows us that community that we need is already here. Film allows us to join together and express our collective humanity.

You. Know. This. Like a wolf, you, your friends and family are highly intelligent gregarious human animals that love your extended pack of queer and gnc and trans people of color. Although others often mistake your nature, you’re friendly and contribute to keeping peace. You howl in delight as you help QWOCMAP to build community safety and vision!

This year, QWOCMAP celebrates the 15th anniversary of our Queer Women of Color Film Festival. And our Focus, “Resilient Past is Vibrant Prologue,” celebrates the everlasting power of queer women of color, and gender nonbinary and transgender people of color. From a young biracial Chinese woman whose home propels her into the world, to the voice of a Mexican American boy soaring with love, from two nonbinary Coptic Egyptian and Muslim Pakistani queer friends diving into community with food, to four Black trans women strutting through love, trade, and shade, these films charge through time and revel in our ability to thrive.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project – QWOCMAP to shatter stereotypes and bias, reveal the lived truth of inequality, address the vital, intersecting issues that concern multiple populations, and build understanding and community through film.

Thank you so much!


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