It takes a village.

Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2011


As with any small, grassroots non-profit organization, community plays a very important role at QWOCMAP.


Our volunteer needs are based primarily in San Francisco, CA where our office is located, and where we hold community events and programming, including our annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival.

Our Film Festival can host groups including students and corporate volunteers.

QWOCMAP also hosts student volunteer groups for alternative spring break or thangstaken weeks.

Skilled professionals anywhere in the world can volunteer for specific, short-term, discrete projects.


QWOCMAP hosts interns from colleges and universities across the U.S. and from as far as Florianopolis, Brazil.

We have an arts youth workforce development program for LBTQ youth of color ages 18-24 from San Francisco.


QWOCMAP is fully staffed with an amazing team!

On occasion we do have small contracts for specific types of projects and work.


We are currently searching for Board members from our pool of QWOCMAP Filmmakers. If you wish to join the Board of Directors, please contact

We are always open to people from our community helping us in any way that they are willing and able, and we are eternally grateful for your support!

Thank you!

This opportunity came at such a serendipitous crossroads in my personal/professional life and I look forward to working more with QWOCMAP and this amazing network of filmmakers. As June Jordan said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

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