It takes a village.

Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2011


As with any small, grassroots non-profit organization, community plays a very important role at QWOCMAP.


Our volunteer needs are based primarily in San Francisco, CA where our office is located, and where we hold community events and programming, including our annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival.

Skilled professionals anywhere in the world can volunteer for specific, short-term, discrete projects.


QWOCMAP hosts interns from colleges and universities across the U.S. and from as far as Florianopolis, Brazil.

We have an arts youth workforce development program for LBTQ youth of color ages 18-24 from San Francisco.


We are currently searching for an Engagement Coordinator to join the QWOCMAP team.


We are currently searching for Board members from our pool of QWOCMAP Filmmakers. If you wish to join the Board of Directors, please contact

We are always open to people from our community helping us in any way that they are willing and able, and we are eternally grateful for your support!

Thank you!

This opportunity came at such a serendipitous crossroads in my personal/professional life and I look forward to working more with QWOCMAP and this amazing network of filmmakers. As June Jordan said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!


Thank you so much for everything!

Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2013


QWOCMAP strives to serve our multiple communities in ways that are respectful and positive, and that nourish justice and create equity. It’s a big goal, and we believe that queer women of color, gender nonconforming, and transgender people of color deserve it! We want the best volunteers because we believe that our audiences deserve to have a wonderful, welcoming QWOCMAP experience. We know that our amazing volunteers mirror the light that radiates from our community, and we cannot thank you enough!

We have volunteer positions at our QWOCMAP office, during the Film Festival, at our after parties, and at our community events throughout the year. The venues we choose for our events are ALWAYS wheelchair accessible, and we make sure to take into account the access needs of everyone in attendance. Our volunteers span multiple levels of ability, and we want to know what works best for you! We whole-heartedly believe that hard work is sexy. So please come join us. Thank you!

Volunteer now

Office Volunteer Form

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Festival Volunteer Form


Thank YOU for letting me be a small part of this incredible initiative! I’m so grateful for the warmth and generosity of everyone at QWOCMAP. It is an absolute pleasure working with you all 🙂

Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2014


We have internship programs in areas of communications, event planning and development, grassroots fundraising, and film production and editing.

QWOCMAP interns complete discrete capstone projects such as website re-design, creating film discussion guides, creating plans for organizational collaborations in specific regions, and developing content for communications campaigns.

All internships have a minimum commitment of two to four months and take place in our San Francisco, CA office.

Internships begin at various times throughout the year, so please let us know when you are considering an internship and whether your dates are flexible.

Apply for an Internship

Our interns have our utmost respect, and we hope that this will be a learning experience for both you and us.

Our youth arts workforce development program is a paid internship for LBTQ youth of color ages 18-24. Internships through your college or university can come with a small stipend and/or school/college credit can be negotiated. We are more than happy to work with you to develop funding sources for your internship such as letters of recommendation, developing your goals, and other technical support. Please let us know what might work for you and your school or organization.

Experience with or passion for any of these areas is a plus:

  • Community organizing & activism
  • Media & communications
  • Outreach
  • Independent work skills
  • Group work skills
  • Flexible with day-to-day and long-term tasks

We will work with you to specialize your responsibilities so that they make the most sense to what you are willing and able to do.

We value transparency and direct communication, and care deeply about your needs and points of access in relation to the ways in which we operate here at QWOCMAP.

We want to make sure you are getting as much as you possibly can out of an internship with us – that we are learning from each other, and that you are given the agency you deserve, because as queer women, trans, and gender nonconforming people of color, we all want and need to utilize our capacities to lead, to resist, to survive, and to thrive.

Please e-mail to

  • a cover letter, specifying what type of internship may be of interest
  • your résumé or CV
  • 2 strong writing samples, which can be class assignments but have to be what you think are your BEST writing
  • if you have it, a video, design, or photography portfolio

You will be contacted soon after with an assessment of your interests, skills, and the ways that we may benefit each other.

Available Internships

Communications (Spring, Summer, and Fall)
There’s very little that QWOCMAP loves more than communication.

Our Communications intern can be responsible for community engagement, media research and archiving, demographic data and statistics, press releases and e-mail blasts, web content production and editorial work, infographics and social networking and outreach, especially in relation to and preparation for our annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival.

Please e-mail a cover letter, specifying your interest in a Communications Internship with QWOCMAP, your availability, and your résumé to You will be contacted soon after with an assessment of your interests, skills, and the ways that we may benefit each other.

Event Planning and Development (Winter, Spring)
We do more than put on an amazing Queer Women of Color Film Festival each year!

Do you have a love for fostering and sustaining space for our queer and trans communities of color? Do you have a commitment to accessibility, and working to improve and construct logistics in line with our community-minded values?

Our Event Planning and Development intern organizes community events and programming to support our Film Festival and our ever-growing QWOCMAP family.

Grassroots Fundraising (Year Round)
The basis of any non-profit is fundraising. Unfortunately, we can’t do what we do (anti-capitalist and economic justice work) without funds and support. We are seeking passionate, community-minded people with the skills to help make our collective visions possible. Our Grassroots Fundraising intern will be involved in community partner outreach, as well as grant writing and editing, and fund tracking and organizing.

Production and Editing (Spring and Fall)
We want to create with you! Our Production and Editing intern will work closely with our Filmmaker Training Program staff, utilizing skills in both technical and creative production and editing, production assistance, as well as mentorship and facilitation for participants of our training program. Intermediate knowledge and background in digital video and editing programs is required.

Research (Year Round)
We are interested in connecting academic and art, community and colleges.

Skilled Professionals

Coming soon …


This could be you or your friends!

Join the QWOCMAP Team!

We are looking for detail-oriented, kind, and fun-loving people with a sense of humor to support and amplify our mission, which uses film to shatter stereotypes and bias, reveal the lived truths of inequality, and build understanding and community around art and social justice.

Who We Are

Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project – QWOCMAP is the only film nonprofit in the nation, and the first of 5 in the world, that specifically serves on queer women of color (cisgender and transgender), and gender nonconforming, nonbinary, and transgender people of color (of any orientation).

We change who sits behind the lens and who makes films, which changes film itself.

We believe that film is activism and a powerful tool for social justice. We believe the leadership and creativity of our community is the key to changing the world. We strive to bring our whole selves to work and we invest in each other’s growth and development as professionals and as people. Being a part of QWOCMAP means being able to learn to follow and lead, in service to our community and social justice. We believe in working smart, efficiently, and effectively, not just working hard. We are a small, multi-racial, pan-ethnic staff and Board team of joyful QTIBPOC who are serious about film and equity, with a sense of humor and compassion for both. We’ve got the grit to get it done and the grace to let it unfold.

The Opportunity

QWOCMAP is growing! During these times of vitriol and regressive policy, we’re expanding to meet intense demand and the critical need for art that builds understanding and community. We’re expanding our Staff and Board of Directors so that we can focus on especially vulnerable populations in our community: Two Spirits in Indian Country, LBTQ women of color challenging violence, abuse, and trauma, and Muslim, immigrant, Sick & Disabled, and formerly incarcerated LBTQ people of color. All of QWOCMAP’s programs are integrated, from our Filmmaker Training, to the Queer Women of Color Film Festival and our boutique Distribution, which means that we share tasks, responsibilities, and leadership so that we can all succeed.

This is an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to QWOCMAP’s growth. We’re looking for kind and warm people who align with our mission, values, and vision to develop LBTQ people of color artist-activist filmmaker leaders. We’re looking for caring people who are willing to work for social justice and liberation inside themselves and amongst community. Most of all, we are looking for love of learning, willingness to be accountable, and enthusiasm.

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants not just a job, but also an opportunity to serve LBTQ communities of color and cultivate the next generation of artist-activist leaders. You will be pushed to grow and learn a lot about yourself, film, writing, social justice, community organizing, grassroots fundraising, and nonprofits. You will be challenged by the work and being accountable to the community. You will be on the leading edge of social practice art, and media and data justice. You’ll be in a supportive work environment with a dedicated team around you that is committed to your success. And you will be inspired frequently, make a huge difference, and have a ton of fun in our friendly office!

If you’re excited about these possibilities, QWOCMAP is the right place for you!

Who We’re Looking For

People with the personality, experience, and skills to do the work well. We want people with an aspirational approach to work, who understand that equity and justice require creativity, adaptive capacity, and planned risk-taking (informed by best and next practices) to meet the needs of multiple communities. A kind, warm, and caring person who really loves building relationships, and enjoys the systems, strategies, and tools that support those relationships. This position requires a person with strong strategic skills to improve current systems and dream and develop new systems. We are looking for someone who loves learning and is skilled in broadly applying their learning. We need someone with the desire to grow in service to the LBTQ people of color community and broader social justice movements. To be a good fit for this job, you must thrive in environments that call for creative problem solving, collaborative work, and although QWOCMAP emphasizes careful planning and organization, the ability to think on your feet. We believe in trust and accountability, which requires a strong work ethic and diligence in day-to-day work. You will play a crucial role in the leadership of our organization, and gain increased levels of responsibility and opportunity over time.

QWOCMAP is committed to the leadership and creativity of LBTQ people of color. We want to attract, develop, and retain exceptional people in a work environment that lets each of us realize our potential in service, relationship, and accountability to the community. We strive to create a multi-racial, pan-ethnic space that honors our varied national origins and migration status, cultures, sexual orientations, gender identity and expression, physical and mental ability, serostatus, heights, weights, ages, faiths, incarceration background, parental or marital status, and social economic backgrounds. People who can speak to their lived experience around racial inequity, oppression, and institutional and/or systemic injustice are encouraged to apply.

Board of Directors

The QWOCMAP Board of Directors have all completed the Filmmaker Training Program.

They are responsible for generative, strategic, and fiduciary governance as well as major projects, donor stewardship, and shares distributed fundraising leadership across the Board, staff, and other volunteers.

If you are a QWOCMAP Filmmaker that is interested in joining our awesome and beauteous Board, please email for more information.

Engagement Coordinator

QWOCMAP plans to hire an Engagement Coordinator to implement engagement, fundraising, and communications strategies, and produce our annual International Queer Women of Color Film Festival and other events to strengthen QWOCMAP’s relationships and sustainability.

This position will start on Monday, January 13, 2020.

We want a person who is passionate about development, communications, and events, and views these as core to programs and mission.

Hiring Process

Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

We will read your application packet, including cover letter, so that we can understand whether this position is a right fit for you.

If you are invited for a 1st phone/online interview, we will want to know if your past work, volunteer, and/or academic experience has equipped you with skills that can be transferred to the open position.

If you are invited for an in-person/2nd interview, we may ask you to complete a work sample relevant to the open position.

This position will remain open until a candidate is hired.

Engagement Coordinator Position Description

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