Friday, Opening Night Screening: Everlasting Bonds

Waking Hour by Nava Mau

  • Transphobia

Haunted Flowers by Gato Rodriguez and Rachel Walker

  • Yelling and aggressive communication

Hot & Bothered by Leah Byrd

  • Racism

White Towels by Hannah Marianetti

  • Sex workers and brief nudity

Saturday, Centerpiece Screening: Rising Persistence

Sleeptalk by Kristal Chan

  • Mentions of racism

Silence Is Our Enemy / Sound Is Our Weapon by Emma Shooshan

  • Mentions of genocide and police brutality

My Grandmother’s House by Megan Wilton

  • Mentions of child sexual abuse

Speak by Nana Duffor

  • Mentions of rape and sexual assault

The Divine Femmunity by Rraine Hanson

  • Kidnapping and mentions of sexual assault

Yesterday by Alicia Kester

  • Human trafficking

Sunday, Closing Night Screening: Belonging Forever

Les lévres gercèes by Fabien Corre and Kelsi Phung

  • Transphobia and mentions of suicide

Guarding Santos by Adelina Anthony

  • Antagonism toward gender nonconforming child

Mom Too by Jen Robles

  • Bullying and homophobia

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