Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP)
"Espejo: A Closer Look - Queer Latina Shorts"

followed by
"Panel - Reflections of Queer Latinas in the Media"

Date: Monday, June 6, 2005
Time: 7pm
Venue: Rainbow Room
SF LGBT Community Center
1800 Market Street, SF

a place to begin (Mónica Enríquez, 2005) , Kimonos & Tamales (Kristina Cervantes-Yoshida, 2004), Negra Linda (María Cora, 2004), Dear Viejo (Ana Lazo, 2004), Espejo (Kimberly Alvarenga, 2004), At home with Desalojos Realtors (Yaromil Fong-Olivares, 2004), ¿Tienes Hambre? (Marco Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, 2004), Global Mixing (Alisha Klatt, 2005), Look Away (Alejandra Rosabal, 2004)

the filmmakers whose works are screened this evening, Karla Rosales, community organizer, Clarissa Rojas, college professor, Darshan E Campos, moderator, Latino Forum representative

Event co-presented by National Queer Arts Festival
Event co-sponsored by The SF LGBT Community Center's Latino Forum

Program curated by Madeleine Lim


a place to begin (Mónica Enríquez, 2005)
An experimental documentary that explores the filmmaker's personal artistic process. Mónica Enríquez is an award-winning queer latina filmmaker who uses art as a tool for building communities of resistance and social change.
Kimonos & Tamales (Kristina Cervantes-Yoshida, 2004)
This short film follows the filmmaker's path towards claiming both her Mexican and Japanese identities through music. Kristina Cervantes-Yoshida is a environmental educator by day and first-time filmmaker by night.
Negra Linda (María Cora, 2004)
The newest girl child in the family is blessed by the spirits of her African ancestors, against the backdrop of the ancient ocean. María Cora is a Black Puerto Rican filmmaker, vocalist, community activist and Bay Area resident for the last 24 years.
Dear Viejo (Ana Lazo, 2004)
A nostalgic recollection of a grandfather seen through the eyes of a young Latina lesbian growing up in El Salvador. Ana Lazo is a Landscape Designer, Activist, and Artist.
Espejo (Kimberly Alvarenga, 2004)
A teenage girl discovers a part of herself when she accidentally stumbles into a lesbian bar. Kimberly Alvarenga is a local S.F. Latina and works as a social justice advocate on behalf of women of color and other underrepresented populations.
At home with Desalojos Realtors (Yaromil Fong-Olivares, 2004)
A mock infomercial about the gentrification of the Mission District in San Francisco. Yaromil Fong- Olivares is a Dominican immigrant of Chinese decent and hopes to shed light on the dangers posed by gentrification.
¿Tienes Hambre? (Marco Mercedes Rivera-Weiss, 2004)
We follow a hungry Latin butch to the taco trucks of East Oakland's Fruitvale neighborhood where she has a romantic encounter. Marco Mercedes Rivera- Weiss is a queer Peruvian Jew made in Miami, and lives in Fruitvale with Beloved Hadas and Dogman.
Global Mixing (Alisha Klatt, 2005)
A quirky and humorous take on biracial identity through the dramatization of a comic strip. Alisha Klatt is a film buff and social activist who enjoys the challenge of creating entertaining and socially relevant films.
Look Away (Alejandra Rosabal, 2004)
This scintillating film delves into the seemingly perfect home of a conventional catholic Latin family and the secret double lives of its members. Alejandra Rosabal started her filmmaking career at the Taller Nacional de Teatro and Universidad Nacional de CR in her native Costa Rica.

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